A Society is categorized on the basis of its objects. There are various types of societies that can be formed under the Act under which it is registered:

Under Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 following types of Societies can be registered :

  • Agricultural Marketing Society

    As per section 2(1) “ agricultural marketing Society” means a society -

    (a) The object of which is the marketing of agricultural produce and the supply of implements and other requisites for agricultural production, and
    (b) Not less than three-fourths of the members of which are agriculturists, or societies formed by agriculturists.

  • Consumer Society

    As per Section 2(9) “ Consumer’s Society “ means a society, the object of which is - (a)The procurement, production or processing, and distribution of goods to, or the performance of other services for, its members as also other customers, and (b) the distribution among its members and customers, in the proportion, prescribed by rules or by the bye-laws of the society, of the profits accruing from such procurement, production or processing, and distribution.

  • Co-operative Bank

    As per section 2(10) “Co-operative bank “ means a society which is doing business of banking as defined in clause (b) of sub-section (1) of section 5 of the Banking Companies Act, 1949 and includes any society which is functioning or is to function as (an Agriculture and Rural Development Bank) under Chapter XI.

  • Central Bank

    As per section 2(6), “Central Bank “ means a co-operative bank, the objects of which include the creation of funds to be loaned to other societies; but does not include the urban co-operative bank.

  • Crop Protection Society

    As per section 2(10-A), “Crop Protection Society” means a society the object of which is protection of the crops, structures, machinery, agricultural implements and other equipment such as those used for pumping water on the land.

  • Farming Society

    As per section 2(12),”Farming Society” means a society in which, the object of increasing agricultural production, employment and income and the better utilization of resources, lands are brought together jointly cultivated by all the members, such lands (a) being owned or leased to the members (or some of them), or (b) coming in possession of the society in any other manner whatsoever.

  • General Society

    As per section 2(16),”Housing society” means a society, the object of which is to provide its members with open plots for housing, dwelling houses or flats; or if open plots, the dwelling houses or flats are already acquired, to provide its members common amenities and services.

  • Federal Society

    As per section 2(16-A),”Lift Irrigation Society” means a society, the object of which is to provide water supply, by motive power or otherwise to its members, for irrigation and otherwise.

  • Irrigation Society

    The shareholders have to personally attend the meeting or for voting. They are not allowed to appoint proxies for attending the general body or for voting in the resolution to be passed.

  • Process Society

    As per section 2(22),”Processing society” means a society, the object of which is the processing of goods.

  • Producers Society

    As per section 2(23),”Producers Society” means a society, the object of which is production and disposal of goods or the collective disposal of labour of the members thereof.

  • Resource Society

    As per section 2(25),”Resource Society” means a society, the object of which is obtaining for its members of credit, goods or services required by them.

  • Apex Society

    As per section 2(2) of M.C.S. Act, “Apex Society “ means a society, - (a) the area of operation of which extends to the whole of the State of Maharashtra (b) the main object of which is to remote the principal objects of the societies affiliated to it as Members and to provide for the facilities and services to them and (c) which has been classified as an apex society by the Registrars;