Co-Op sector in Maharashtra has more 60 years legacy and it is worldwide known for co-op movement. All over Maharashtra has more than 1, 50, 000 Co-op societies and it has played very significant role in the social and economic development of state.

State government realized the important of Co-Op sector therefore they made Maharashtra Co-Op Society act in 1960 and on several occasion important amendment also done. Such 97th Amendment in MCS act 1960 gave birth to\ State Co-Op Election Authority (SCEA) and also made fine changes in Co-Op Housing Society bye laws. SCEA will work like election authority for Co-Op societies. This authority has created procedure, forms and documents for Management Committee Election.

Importance of Election in Co-Op societies

  • It will help to bring Autonomy, transparency in your society.
  • It will provide equal opportunity for all society members to take part in Management Committee of the society.
  • It will help in social and economic development of the society.

  • FAQ’s –

    • Can Society himself conduct election process? – As per the latest amendment in MCS act 1960 (97th Amendment). SCEA (State Coop election Authority has been formed. All Co-op societies in Maharashtra go through this election authority for formed the Managing committee.
    • What is the tenure of Provisional Committee? - Tenure of Provisional committee will be for 12 months and post election new committee will get formed & whose tenure will be for 5 years.
    • Who can become Managing Committee members? – – Primary or Associate member can become a managing committee member. Associate member (Co-owner) should submit form no 10A to become committee member.
    • What is the strength of Managing Committee?

    No. of Members in the society No. Members Strength of the M.C.
    Quorum for Meeting*
    General Women SC/ST OBC VJ/NT/SBC Total
    Up to 100 6 2 1 1 1 11 6
    101 to 200 8 2 1 1 1 13 7
    201 to 300 10 2 1 1 1 15 8
    301 to 500 12 2 1 1 1 17 9
    501 and above 14 2 1 1 1 19 10

  • Is any Co-opt option available? - We can co-opt 2 Expert directors & 2-Functional Directors but they won’t have any voting rights.

What are the forms are required?

6 months before completion of MC tenure. Existing committee should prepare an election proposal and submit it to registrar office.

  • Cover letter - Which request registrar to initiate election process.
  • Form E1 – Particulars about election. E.g. Division ,District,Taluka, Society registration number & detailed address of society, Bye laws no ,Managing Committee strength, Date of last election, Date on which MC tenure is expiring.
  • Form E2 - Society registration no & address, Date of result which last election of Managing Committee was held declared, Date on which term of present MC Members in office to expire, Name of constituencies as per society by-laws,No. of MC Members to be elected against each constituencies.
  • Form E3 – Particulars about provisional list & voter list. 2 copies.
  • Voter list format should be in
    Sr.No. Name of Member in Alphabetical Order (Surname, First Name, Last Name) Membership No. Age Gender Address

    All these forms needs to duly filled ,sign and stamp by society office bearer and submit it to your area registrar office and take an acknowledge of the same.

Post verification of forms SCEA will appoint Returning officer. This RO will declare an election

  • This program might last for 35 days
  • This comprises many stages like filing nomination, seeking voter list objection, scrutiny etc.

You can download the forms from below links –

DOWNLOAD Management Committee Election Forms

On behalf of society Esanchalak can do liasoning with Co-op department to get complete this process. For more details kindly contact to